Monday, March 3, 2014

The trivial will change you. Or at least it should... let me explain.

Programming is magic.

Whether it be fun, stressful, and/or challenging, there's something magical about software development where our minds meld with a machine in a language we both understand and can communicate. When your non-programming friends first learn you're a programmer their eyes glaze over the magic (as they understand it) of programming. Even to us programmers, even though we know exactly how the machine works we can admit to being a little bit of a programming wizard.

That said, when your development turns into a monotony of trivial typing instead of casting magnificent spells of programming sorcery, your mind can go numb from complacency.

Don't let this happen to you!

Let that be an opportunity to bring your spells to maximum potency where you close in on the gap between perfect code and your code. Make it be an excuse to participate in #extracareercular activities, such as code retreats, reading up on the latest coding blogs, getting up to speed on the latest API releases, and et cetera. I did to escape from the dull plateau of development I was in.

Challenge yourself. Promote yourself. Apply yourself. Go get your magic back.

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